Friday, August 5, 2011

Stuffing Choice

We went for the organic wool stuffing. It was the easiest to work with and the springiest.

Napo Wildlife Center

This is where we thought up the idea, and where we are thought we might find some willing Anangu women to sew the dolls. The town is very modern with internet and everything! They make their own thread from palm frond fibers. Grandmama and I thought having people we met make the dolls would be truer to the idea.
Our guide Delphine told us all the men in the community either left for the oil drilling and destroyed the rain forest or went to the Napo wildlife center. All the people in the town have decided to stay and help their ecosystem. I think that kind of commitment is really the most important thing in a entrepreneurial business.


This is my prototype of the Grandmama. (the finished version will be nicer )

Online Store

Here is a really early version of our website to be!
This is my other idea but I think I like the other one better.