Wednesday, September 28, 2011


a small school in mumbai

one boy practicing his numbers

the dolls seemed happy as could be and the children loved them

this boy particularly loved the dolls

we wondered how all that can fit on a bike!

rikshaws or tuk tuks were the way to go

we were stunned by this beautiful tree and the sun streaming through it

no traffic today!

the dolls liked this painting

12 people on 3 motorcycles, not even enough room for a doll!

a temple for gnesha a hindu god

beautiful himalayas

wild orchid on a morning walk

the dolls really liked the colors

this lady had a beautiful yellow sari and the headdress "bandit fashion"

these people lived in the street median! the dolls wanted to help them.

street vendors with yummy food!

a holy cow on the road!

what a beauty, with a perfect bump for a doll to ride!

up in the mountains, don't fall off!


the dolls gave this monkey a chocolate!

Had a great trip to India!

Friday, September 2, 2011