Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We suffered a couple of little, very little, setbacks this week, but we'll get right back on our doll horse and keep going.

During our weekly chat--overcoming the vicsitudes of the hangout itself seems to occupy a good percent of our time, Lizzy was showing me the wonderful website on Wix she had created for the Uganda group.  It was amazing!  I loved the font she chose!  It was readyfor the Publish button. 

And then poof! it was gone like something in Harry Potter. I'm looking forward to showing it off to Etheldreda when it's redone.  Lizzy said that having done it, she will be able to knock out another one much more quickly.

Etheldreda said she did not receive the doll patterns I had photographed and sent as an email attachment.  Could not open them.  AND she had lost her cell phone, so had been unable to correspond.
But we got together in a series of emails. I re-emailed the patterns over facebook, and I think she was able to open them and make a copy. Haven't heard anything new yet.  But she is working on her facebook page, adding photos of her kids (grown) and updating her own photo.

I checked out Wikitravel.org as a point to link our Traveling Dolls page to, so that the dolls people can check out their cities and countries.

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